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Test New Markets in 6 weeks

Market studies are broken and full of bias so we developed the Ground Zerø™ method to save you a lot while getting results of Unmatched Accuracy. Litterally.

We craft We execute We teach you

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We help businesses on the 3 key phases of their growth

Testing Accelerating Scaling

Market Study

Run tests & gather acctionable market insights

We execute fast marketing sprint to test your product, the different targets, different offers, different messages and different channels.

Test a new country / market
Test a new product
Find your market-fit

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Emotional branding agency

Acquisition System

Build a long-term marketing funnel

We craft and setup a long-term lead generation strategy built on several interconnected channels and messages to create adapted immersive journey that converts.

Grow on the long term
Cover all channels
Cover all stages of awareness

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Scale your acquisition

We handle your campaigns in the long run to help you increase volumes while keeping your acquisition performant at scale and identifying new opportunities.

Campaign management
Micro testing
Market intelligence

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Marketing Strategy

Experimentation strategy
Funnel Marketing

Bots & Automation

Data Scrapping
CRM integrations

Landing Pages

Conversion Copywritinng
Design & Integration


Cold E-mailing
Cold Messaging

Paid Advertising

Strategy & planning

Data Analytics

Advanced Tracking
Data Storytelling


"Working with Reddot is a corporate’s dream. We can be quick, agile and rely on their expertise to guide us well. Very responsive and engaged in our projects, it’s a pleasure to collaborate together."

Maisie M. Lead Innovation Designer @ Royal Canin

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