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The Ground Zerø™ Methodology.

We shoot first, then we ask questions.

Try to sell
Launch before building the product

Measure results
Define profitability

Make a decision
Launch or not the product/service/country

Why you can't anticipate markets

Market studies are based on the anticipation of the market reaction to an offer based on the study of existing patterns.
But no matter how well you know a market, you can't anticipate it with certitude with traditional method for two simple reason:

→ Business it often counter intuitive
→ People lie (to you, to themselves).

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The only thing that matters

You want to validate a market opportunity with certitude without putting the big money on the table ?

You can't rely on survey. You need to now if people are ready to put their money where they put they mouth. And for this, there is ONE WAY: selling before you build.

Your only relevant KPI is the purchase intent wherther you are actually selling or just letting the user believe that he will pay.

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No surveys. We measure purchase intents.

We build acquisition funnels with your brand or create an ad hoc brand and try to generate sales/leads with high frequency testing.

The world of the "intuitions" is over. You get answers instead of insights.


Working with Reddot is a corporate’s dream. We can be quick, agile and rely on their expertise to guide us well. Very responsive and engaged in our projects, it’s a pleasure to collaborate together.

Maisie M. Lead Innovation Designer @ Royal Canin

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