Advertising case study

Opening of the first Afflelou Paris store in Bangkok.

Objective: 100 visitors
Result: 130+ visitors for the opening
Method: PR / Digital PR / Influencer

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With nearly 1500 stores opened in 16 countries, Alain Afflelou is known as the #1 optical franchise in France.

Afflelou been carrying the mission of taking eyeglasses from a burden to fun fashion accessories at a time that eyeglasses weren't trendy yet and became a very iconic French company.

Our team had the privilege to back their first launch in Thailand in tight collaboration with their in-house marketing team based in Europe.


To generate visit to the event we adopted a locally awareness campaign on social media backed by a Digital PR campaign with relevant influencers to broadcast a special "opening promotion".

Social Media Content

Production of daily graphic content for social medias (Facebook / Instagram): photo shootings, Infographics, Motion graphic.

Event Planning: Opening Cocktail Organization

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